Posted in: Health Posted on: Feb 10th, 2016

Dentists, Chiropractors, and Pediatricians in Memorial Heights

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It is hard to change to new doctors after you have made the decision to relocate. You placed your full confidence in your old doctors and you trusted them to make the best decisions for you. The good news is, new residents have little to worry about when it comes to healthcare after moving to Memorial Heights, Houston. There are many health professionals in this community that are highly qualified and readily available to help you with all of your wellness concerns. Whether you need a general practitioner or any number of specialists, you should be able to find the right medical care provider in town. Take a look at a few of the top performing doctors in the neighborhood, and decide which ones you will call for your next appointment.

Time to Smile!

Surely you will want to greet your new neighbors with a clean and white smile, right? Most oral health professionals recommend you visit your dentist at least twice a year, so you want to be sure you choose a dental practice that you trust. Call the oral hygiene experts at Memorial Heights Dental Center. The practice is managed by Dr. C. Tim Hung, a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Hung is highly qualified to help you with all of your oral care needs. He is one of the top doctors in Memorial Heights, and his staff is always friendly and professional. If you need the best care options with cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, and oral cancer screenings, make an appointment with Memorial Heights Dental Center today.

Watch Your Back!

If you are moving your own items into your new residence, you should exercise great caution and lift heavy items properly. If your back does not feel quite right after moving to Memorial Heights, you probably need to see a chiropractor. For all of your back’s needs, you should visit The Joint, Houston’s premier chiropractic organization. With eleven locations in Houston, you are never far away from one of their offices should you require their services. Their professional staff is able to provide a drug-free and natural approach to finding healing solutions for your spine. In addition, they are open nights and weekends, and you do not need an appointment.

Kid Care

Perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make while researching healthcare options in Memorial Heights, Houston, TX is choosing your child’s doctor. You want to be sure you find someone that can provide the best care and advice for your child through every stage of his or her development. One organization that provides excellent pediatric services is Texas Children’s Pediatrics. From prenatal consultations to sports physicals, the medical team behind Texas Children’s Pediatrics is prepared to help your child with all of his or her wellness needs. With over 200 board-certified physicians stationed throughout 50 locations in the Greater Houston area, Texas Children’s Pediatrics can help you make sure you are connected with the medical professional that is most qualified to attend to your child’s specific needs.

You will have some big decisions to make when you choose your new healthcare providers upon moving into town, but there are many great doctors to choose from in the Memorial Heights, Houston area.