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Tailors, Dry Cleaners, and Housekeepers in Memorial Heights

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When you're new in town, it's the little things that can seem overwhelming. In your old city, you knew exactly where to go when you spilled ice cream on your favorite suit or when your shoes needed some attention. If you're moving to Memorial Heights, Houston, this guide should help you figure out where to go when you need a dry cleaner, tailor, or someone to come and tidy up your home.

Tailors, Dry Cleaning and Laundry

You might not need a tailor that often, but it’s important to have one in mind in case of wardrobe emergency. Whether you've gained a bit of weight and want to have the waistband on your trousers taken out, or if you found a great pair of jeans that are inches too long for your frame, a tailor can help. Martin's Tailors have been serving Houston since 1957. The tailoring service takes care of both men's and women's clothing and also offers specialty services, such as bridal gown work, military uniform work, and luggage repairs.

If you need an alteration done quickly, bring it to Carol's Alterations. One hour service is standard, and they don't charge extra for a speedy turn around time. You can have almost anything tailored or altered there, from casual pants to a formal gown.

When you drop your clothing off at the laundry or dry cleaners, you want to have the peace of mind that it will come back to you in one piece, clean, and at the same size it was when you left it. Clean Smart, a dry cleaning and laundry service, stands by the work it does. Each garment dropped off at Clean Smart is triple inspected for stains. The company also performs minor repairs, such as fixing busted buttons. Services include dry cleaning, wash and fold laundry, and laundering of big items, such as comforters.

House Cleaners

Although some people enjoy cleaning their homes, it's not a chore that appeals to everyone. Whether you're new in town or are just looking to outsource some of your obligations, hiring a house cleaner can be the way to go. You have several options near Memorial Heights.

If you prefer that a cleaner use all-natural or environmentally conscious products, Naturalcare Cleaning Service might appeal to you. The company uses the power of steam to deep clean surfaces. Steam is hot enough that it kills bacteria and other germs, eliminates mold and other allergens, and leaves surfaces looking great. It's also a cost effective method of cleaning, since Naturalcare can clean almost an entire home using less than a quart of water.

Another green cleaning option near the Heights is Keep It Green Maid Services. The company offers regular cleaning services to keep your home tidy, as well as deep cleaning options for spring cleaning. The company provides all the equipment needed to clean your home, although you are welcome to provide your own, if you prefer.

Although you can do your laundry or clean your home on your own, there are times when it's much more helpful to hire someone else to do it. Knowing who to call when you need help makes a big difference.