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Working Out in Memorial Heights, Houston

Photo Credit: Weights 1 by Jessa9 | CC BY 2.0

Giving up your life as a couch potato means finding a workout and exercise routine that not only encourages you to get up and moving, but also makes you actually love working out. When living in Memorial Heights, Houston, you have a number of options when it comes to getting fit. You can work with a trainer, head to a local gym, or try a new exercise class or program. Whatever you decide to do, remember, if you don’t enjoy it, you probably won’t keep it up.

Working Out Day and Night

While some people need encouragement and support to start up and keep up an exercise program, others prefer to go it alone, as long as they can find a gym with hours that match their schedule. There are a few gyms in Memorial Heights or nearby that have hours that line up with pretty much anyone’s schedule. For example, the North Houston location of Planet Fitness is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The Planet Fitness gym is full of workout equipment, from weight machines to treadmills, so you can do whatever type of exercise you want, whenever you want. Along with encouraging people to pave their own way when it comes to working out, Planet Fitness also offers 30-minute “gym class” programs that focus on toning a specific area of the body. Classes are offered throughout the day, five days a week.

Although it’s called 24 Hour Fitness, the Houston gym is actually not open 24/7.¬† It opens at 5am on Monday mornings, then closes again at 10pm on Fridays. The gym is only open from 7am until 8pm on the weekends. Still, that can be plenty of time for you to get in at least a few workouts during the week.

Personalized Workouts

If you want your workout program to a be more personal or individualized, it’s a good idea to check out a smaller gym or training program. FIT Athletic Club is committed to providing its members with customized fitness programs and personalized attention. Personal trainers¬† at the club will work with you on a one on one basis to help you meet your goals. There are also a number of group fitness classes on offer, from cycling to marital arts.

Studio Fitness is another local gym that offers a variety of personalized training options. You can work individually with a trainer or sign up for a fitness class. Programs at the gym include yoga, kettlebell, and Zumba. It also offers hybrid programs, such as Piloxing (pilates and boxing) and PiYo (Pilates and yoga).

Trying Pilates

If you want to try a more traditional version of Pilates, you can check out the Good Space, which is a Pilates and yoga studio. The studio offers mat and equipment classes, as well as a variety of yoga classes and Ballet Barre.

Whether you want to work out on your own, or need the support and help a trainer can give, you’ll find plenty of options near Memorial Heights, Houston.