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Living in Memorial Heights, Houston: 4 Great Volunteering Opportunities

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Sometimes, you want to give back to your community. Volunteering is a great way to help those in need in your area or to help support an organization that you feel does great things. Donating your time and skills is also a great way to get to know people when you first move to an area and can help you make connections and friends, all while working for the greater good. There are a number of places for volunteering in Memorial Heights, Houston, from local museums to area hospitals.

Houston Food Bank

The Houston Food Bank helps provide food to nearly 800,000 people each year. If you want to help feed the hungry in your city, there are a number of ways to get involved with the food bank. For example, you can volunteer at its Keegan Kitchen, which prepares hot meals for kids after school and during the summer. Volunteers at the kitchen help prep the food, by washing and cutting vegetables, slicing meat, and helping with baking as needed. They also help divvy up the prepared food into individual portions and help wash dishes and sanitize the kitchen.

There are also volunteer opportunities at the food bank’s warehouse and at off-site locations. You can register to be a volunteer online and sign up for shifts using the food bank’s calendar system.

Museum District Opportunities

Several of the museums in the Houston Museum District have volunteer programs and opportunities for people who want to help out. The Museum District itself has a volunteer program, which provides support during its Museum Experience events.

You can also volunteer at a specific museum. For example, the Houston Museum of Natural Science has opportunities for people who want to serve as docent, taking visitors and groups on a guided tour of the museum. People interested in volunteering at the Houston Holocaust Museum can work at the front desk, greeting visitors or working in the museum’s gift shop, or they can work in the museum’s library, helping people with research or assisting the librarian.

Memorial Hermann Hospital

Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital has volunteer programs for adults (over the age of 18) and for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17. If you are an adult who wants to volunteer at the hospital, you are expected to commit to at least four hours a week for a full year. Teens can volunteer during the summer months as part of the Junior Volunteer program. Hospital volunteers might work at information desks, ring up sales in the gift shops, or visit with patients. The program offers a number of benefits to those who participate, such as free flu shots and service awards.

Barc Animal Shelter

If you love animals, you might want to donate your time to the BARC Animal Shelter. Volunteers help out at adoption events, walk dogs or play with cats, or act as foster parents to pets. The animal shelter lets adults and children with adult supervision serve as volunteers.

You can also find out more about volunteer opportunities in Memorial Heights by calling your favorite organization and asking if they need help. Even if a nonprofit organization doesn’t have an official volunteer program, it might be happy to have you come in for a few hours a week to pitch in.