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Exploring Parks Near Memorial Heights, Houston

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or you’re simply looking to add a little recreation in your spare time, there are plenty of things to do in Memorial Heights, Houston that allow you to explore all that Mother Nature has to offer. From parks and playgrounds to trails for walking and hiking, there are several options available for enjoyable recreational activities.

Bicycling and Hiking

If you’re looking for a place where you can hike in peace, or bike to train for that upcoming marathon, look no further than White Oak Bayou Trail on West 11th Street. This particular trail is a local favorite among residents as it is ideal for biking and jogging. In particular, the section between West Little York and Tidwell is quite outstanding. Here, instead of seeing rows upon rows of houses as is often the case with many other parks and trails around the city, you will see nothing but a gorgeous view of lush, green hills as they gently roll into the nearby creek.

For safety precautions, it’s important to make sure that you are aware of others when jogging or bicycling because the trail is fairly popular and a considerable amount of people use it regularly. However, the trail is wide enough in most spots to allow for easy passing, and the city may consider expanding the area to include more bike trails in the near future.

Public Fields and Playgrounds

Spotts Park on South Heights Boulevard is one of the area’s highest rated parks in the region. Visitors can take advantage of jungle gyms, open fields, walking tracks, and picnic tables, and several sport courts are provided for volleyball and basketball. Spotts Park is one of the only green spaces in Memorial Heights that boasts great views of the downtown area, and there are also plenty of places where you can simply rest and watch others enjoy the outdoors.

Land Trusts and Natural Reserves

Located just west of downtown, Buffalo Bayou Park consists of more than 160 acres of green space between Sabine Street and Shepherd Drive. There is a $58 million project underway that will transform the area into biking, hiking, and running trails, a nature play area, a new dog park, an office for bike and paddle craft rentals, and several gathering places for visitors and residents to enjoy live artistic performances as well as outdoor activities.

Living in Memorial Heights, Houston

Despite its small-town-in-a-big city feel, there are plenty of green spaces in Memorial Heights that can reinforce your dedication to Mother Nature. If you’d like to learn more about the area or if you’re looking for other fun things to do in the area, please visit other pages of this site for information regarding shopping, dining options, and other popular local events.